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CFAES Page Builder

The CFAES Page builder is build on a Drupal system called paragraphs.  This allows us to create formatted blocks of content which you as an editor can select from and then stack to create a page.  You will find page builder fields in many of the content types you create for your site.  This site contains documentation and samples for each block you can create with the page builder.

Adding blocks to page builder

Page Builder Dropdown

To add a block to your page select it from the dropdown at the bottom of the Page Builder field.

See samples of the available blocks.

Removing a block

Context menu within the page builder module

To remove a page builder block click "Remove" within the context menu accessed by clicking the menu button in the top right of the block

Collapsed and expanded.

image of expanded page builder block

Expanded Page Builder Block

By default page builder blocks appear expanded. This allows you to fill in all the fields associated with the block.
Collapsed page builder blocks

Collapsed Page Builder Blocks

Viewing the list of your blocks in a collapsed state is useful for reordering and navigating, especially on longer pages.
collapse an individual block

Collapse or Expand a block

To the right of each block will be a button reading either Collapse or Edit. To collapse a block hit collapse, to expand hit edit.
Collapse all button

Collapse All

At the top of the list of page builder blocks there is an option to collapse them all.