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Site Settings

Screenshot showing the path to the site settings form as Configuration, then CFAES, then Site Settings.

Site settings will allow you to configure various parts of the website you to not have direct access to edit.  These options will expand over time and below is a look at what you can presently change.  Visit site settings by going to Configuration->CFAES->Site Settings in the Manage Menu.

Site Manager settings form

Site Manager

Every CFAES site has a content manager/contact.  This is the person our team reaches out to in the event of updates or issues with the site.  It is important to keep this up to date as staffing changes occur.

Give Now Settings

At the top of the site is a Give Now button and a similar link is added to the footer.  By default these link to the college fund, but if there is a more appropriate specific fund for your program this can be changed by editing the link here.

Give Now link at the top of the web template (screenshot)
Give Now Link at the top of the web template
Screenshot of form to edit give now link (links to full size image)
Form to edit give now link.

Footer Settings

Here a number of settings are available to add contact information to the footer.  This information is displayed in the left of the footer on most sites, similar to the above.  You are not expected to fill out all these fields just what is needed for your program.  The fields are ass follows:


This field is for a full street address, it will allow for line breaks to lay the address out in a normal fashion.

Additional Information

Displays below the address, good for informal internal directions or information such as parking that may be needed by those coming to your location.

Contact Information

Basic phone, fax, and email fields.  Phone numbers should be entered in the format suggested by the college style guide. 614-292-2011


This form will display as one link, the display text in the first field and a map link in the second.

Hours of operation

This is an open text box similar to the address field above, line breaks are allowed here to lay out a logical hours block.

Additional Information

Any kind of additional notice or information you may want to add to your footer.

Screenshot of address as it appears in the footer.
Screenshot of an address as it appears in the website footer.