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Using the IMCE File Browser

IMCE File Browser Interface

Adding images to webpages is mostly accomplished with image fields in specific Page Builder blocks. However, sometimes you need to upload documents and other files to your website for users to download.  To accomplish this you will access the IMCE File Browser.

Content menu with IMCE link highlighted.

Accessing the file browser through the menu bar

Most of the time you would likely access the file browser using the in context link while creating hyperlinks in your page.  However, if you have a number of files to upload or manage you may want to access the file browser by clicking IMCE under the content menu.

File browser option in link dialog

The file browser is also available when creating hyperlinks in your page.

To link to a document you have uploaded or upload new documents you should click "Open file browser" under the URL field when creating hyperlinks.

Creating Subdirectories

Selecting a directory in the IMCE

Keeping your files organized is very important. The IMCE will allow you to make directories and subdirectories like you would on your local computer.  You will want to decide on this organization when uploading a file to the system, moving files later will cause pages linked to them to have broken links.

To select a parent folder in the file tree click the name and the folder will change to show an open icon and it's name will highlight.  Any contents of the folder will display on the right frame of the imce.

New folder interface within the IMCE

Clicking "New Folder" will allow you to make a subdirectory within whatever folder is currently selected.

Managing Files

Clicking add a file in the IMCE

You can upload files up to 20mb with the following extensions: jpg, png, gif, pdf, xls, zip, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, psd.  If you have a different type of file or something larger than what is supported contact the help desk and we can help you out.

How to upload a file

With the directory you intend to upload a file to selected, click the "Upload" button.

Uploaded File in the IMCE

Once clicking add file you will want to select a file from your hard drive and depending on your operating system/browser you will be clicking either "Open" or "OK".  After answering in the affirmative your file will upload and appear in the right hand pane of the IMCE.

To view your file, double click it.

The IMCE does not allow you to move files around, if you upload a file to the wrong location you will need to delete it and re-upload it in the right location.

Rename interface within the IMCE

Renaming files

PLEASE NOTE: If you rename a file you have already linked to that link will be broken.  You will need to also update that link.

To rename a file, click on the file name to select it then click the "Rename" Button.  This will bring up a dialog box to enter in a new name. The extension will be appended automatically. After clicking Rename in the dialog box the system will update showing you the name change was successful.

Delete file confirmation

Deleting a file

To delete a file, select the file by clicking it with your mouse then click the "Delete" button.  This will pop up a confirmation dialog in your browser and then proceed to delete the file. This is not undoable so be sure you want to delete this file.