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Drupal 7 Training

The following training videos are a guide for adding and managing content on a CFAES Drupal 7 Website.  It is divided into two sections.  The first "Core Training" should be watched in order and provides the basics for how the content editor and website administration options work.  The second section is a list of "Modules and Content Types" this provides training on adding specific types of content to the website.  These can be watched in whatever order you would like skipping those types of content that are not being used on the website you are editing.

PDF Documentation can be found here.

Core Training

Watch these videos in order, they refer to one another as one training.  Transcripts for these videos are available below for download.

Watch introduction on YouTube

1 Introduction and Logging In (1:57)

How to login to administer your website.
Watch H-T-M-L and File Browser training on YouTube

2 HTML and File Browser (5:17)

Upload and manage files for use in webpages.
Watch page structure training on YouTube

3 Page Heading Structure (2:02)

Heading structure is important for accessibility.
Watch content management training on YouTube

4 Creating and managing content (3:11)

Create a basic page and use the content browser to manage content.
Watch C-K Editor training on YouTube

5 The CKEditor (24:13)

The CKEditor is the primary content editor in Drupal 7 and will be used in making most content.
Watch publishing options training on YouTube

6 Basic publishing options for content (3:24)

Finishing and publishing your page.
Watch homepage editing training on YouTube

7 Editing the Homepage (:32)

Managing content on the Homepage.
Watch menu management training on YouTube

8 Menu and Social Media (3:25)

How to manage menus on your website including the Main Menu and Social Media Links Menu.

Drupal 7 Content Types

These videos cover making different types of content in Drupal 7.  They can be watched as needed for creating each type.

Watch News Article training on YouTube

News (4:27)

Adding and managing news articles.
Watch the event training on YouTube

Events (5:08)

Adding and managing an events calendar
Watch on Person Profile training on YouTube

Person Profiles (2:48)

Adding and managing profiles in a staff listing.
Watch Hero Image training on YouTube

Hero Image (4:08)

Manage the homepage Hero Image feature
Watch Photo Gallery training on YouTube

Photo Gallery (2:23)

Manage Photo Albums.

Module training video transcripts

  1. News
  2. Events
  3. Person Profiles
  4. Hero Image
  5. Photo Gallery