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Extension County Office Website Drupal 7 Training

The following training videos are a guide for adding and managing content on an OSU Extension County Office Drupal 7 Website.  The videos are intended to be watched in order, and are available as continued reference material.

PDF Documentation can be found here (opens in a new window)


Watch introduction on YouTube

1 Introduction and Logging In (1:57)

How to login to administer your website.
Watch H-T-M-L and File Browser training on YouTube

2 HTML and File Browser (5:17)

Upload and manage files for use in webpages.
Watch page structure training on YouTube

3 Page Heading Structure (2:02)

Heading structure is important for accessibility.
Watch content management training on YouTube

4 Creating and managing content (3:11)

Create a basic page and use the content browser to manage content.
Watch C-K Editor training on YouTube

5 The CKEditor (24:13)

The CKEditor is the primary content editor in Drupal 7 and will be used in making most content.
Watch publishing options training on YouTube

6 Basic publishing options for content (3:24)

Finishing and publishing your page.
Watch Page Banners training on YouTube

7 Page Banners

Learn how to create page banners.
Learn how to manage different types of content on YouTube

8 Extension County Content

Learn about the different types of content and how to manage them on YouTube